Culinary Medicine is Hitting Mainstream Doctors

Culinary Medicine is a new field with its first records dating back to just six years ago. Doctors are finally taking into account using strict dieting and healthier foods to help aid in healing.

Within this practice, doctors will be knowledgeable in types of food that go beyond the basics that we’re taught in high school and early college.

Students work side by side with real chefs in order to learn the ropes of culinary health. A huge goal in this is teaching doctors how to communicate with their patients about what they eat and what they like to eat on a friendly level, which is imperative to take whatever shame they may be feeling about their diet.

The biggest goal is to make-over patients’ favorite foods with nutrient-heavy ingredients. They also teach portion control, how to read food labels and kitchen sanitation.

The goal of this type of learning is to get rid of the medical terms and get real with the patients. Nothing scares someone who’s trying to better themselves by having huge words thrown around at them!

There are little tricks that work overtime to help patients change their diets on their own terms.

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