Cringeworthy Family Photos That You Can't Unsee

Break Time

Disney World dads are a special kind. This user wrote that their father "had started a mullet a couple of years before this and refused to cut it until he retired." He didn't cut the mullet for several years before their mother finally put her foot down. This photo has everything, from fanny packs to crop tops and big glasses. This dad just really needed a break!


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The More You Know

  • Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn Munroe was nowhere near a 'plus' size 12 - 16, she was closer to a US size 0.
  • Eight of the ten largest statues in the world are of Buddhas.
  • Virginia is the only state that has the same state flower and state tree, the Dogwood.
  • Where the Wild Things Are was supposed to have been about horses—but the illustrator couldn't draw them.
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