Cringe-Worthy Christmas Cards From Over The Years

It's finally Christmastime, which means that it's time to reflect on cringy family photos of Christmas past. Some of these are intentionally funny, while others... are not. Try to guess which photos are ironic and which aren't!

Cozying Up

This photo takes Christmas cringe to an entirely new level. Instead of taking a regular Christmas photo, they decided to quite literally become the tree. Although this is crafty, it's cringy, too!


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The More You Know

  • The space between your eyebrows is called the glabella.
  • The glow around the moon is called a "broch."
  • Indonesia has the shortest population.
  • In the late 1600s, London was plagued by an attacker who would spank his victims with a rod and shout "Spanko!" before running away.
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