Crazy Bridezilla Reschedules Wedding But Keeps the Donated $30k for ‘Personal Purposes’ Only

What would happen if a wedding that was less than a month away for rescheduled and the bride and groom decided to keep all of the donations to use on themselves? Well, total and chaos.

The Big Day

The month before the wedding can be stressful. A lot of things are starting to fall into place, or out of place. Sometimes, it can get too much. For this couple, they decided to call off their winter wedding.


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The More You Know

  • A 26-sided shape is known as a small rhombicuboctahedron.
  • The Guinness brewery supported all of it's employees who chose to fight in WW1. They were paid half of their wages while away, and their jobs were guaranteed upon their return. The brewery also sent them care packages containing chocolate and condensed milk.
  • Over 80 million bacteria can be exchanged in one kiss.
  • Wilt Chamberlain is in the Volleyball Hall of Fame.
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