Crafty Mom Makes Her Son’s Healthy Meals Into Works of Art

Laleh Mohmedi is not just a great mom and cook, but a stellar artist. She runs an Instagram account dedicated to her son’s healthy eating known as Jacob’s Food Diaries. Her favorite part is rearranging her son’s food to resemble Disney characters, and the results are insane.

Making eating fun has always been a part of the mother-son relationship. “I turned my son’s pancakes into a lion for a bit of fun. He absolutely loved it, and it progressed from there,” Mohmedi says. Jacob was a fan, and evidently, so was everyone else!

The food is also a great way for the duo to bond and spend time together. Mohmedi said: “Making food art allowed Jacob and I to spend time together in the kitchen discussing the different ingredients we were using.” All of the food is healthy, using creative methods to get the desired color like charcoal, colored veggies, and dyes.

Getting famous was never the plan for Mohmedi and Jacob. “I had no idea about Instagram. I did not even know what a ‘hashtag’ was, but I opened my Instagram account in July 2015,” she said, “Within a month it went viral — which was just amazing!” 

Each one can take 20 minutes to an hour to make, but she loves every second of it. Speaking of seconds, the real challenge is just beginning. “I do have a little girl also, Charlie, who has just turned two so I will start making creations for her soon!”

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