Couple Has Worn Matching Outfits for 67 Years of Marriage

Francis and Rosemary Klontz have been married for 67 years, since they were just 19 years old. Every day, since they said their vows, they have worn matching outfits.

Francis and Rosemary met in high school and began their matching ways when Rosemary’s mother bought them matching t-shirts when they were teens, and the rest is history.

Francis doesn’t mind Rosemary’s assistance in the clothing department either. “She just lays it out for me, and I don’t have to worry about a thing!” Francis happily told KOVR-TV.

Aside from their matching outfits, they also sing together in their local church choir in Sacramento, California.

At 87-years-old, with their 68th anniversary approaching, they are planning to celebrate with, as you might guess, matching outfits and perfect harmonies.

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