Conjoined Hensel Twins Overcome the Odds and Learn to Share Their Whole Lives

By 1 year ago

When Patty and Mike Hensel found out they were expecting twins, the couple was overjoyed—but on March 7th, 1990, Patty gave birth to a pair of twin girls who stunned their rural Minnesota town like never before.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Patty and her husband knew the pregnancy was going to be high-risk. When she went into labor, the two were concerned not only for the welfare of their children, but Patty's own life as well. The survival rate for mothers who give birth to conjoined twins is exceedingly low. 

Taking a Risk

Only 1 in 189,000 pregnancies lead to a set of conjoined twins. The Hensels had to prepare for an ever rarer circumstance—their daughters were dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning they shared a body, but the pair had two separate heads. In reality, Patty and Mike knew the twins barely stood a chance.

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