Completely Avoidable (But Hilarious) Boating Fails

By 7 months ago

Boating is one of the most relaxing pastimes. A nice day on the water can really rejuvenate a person... except when their boat ends up completely underwater because they wanted to see how fast they could go and ended up on a Getty.

These boating fails will help you understand the Do's and Do Not's before taking on your next adventure on the water...

Post-Hurricane Adventure

When the power is out and your phone is out of juice, sometimes the best form of entertainment is doing something a bit unusual. This person decided to take advantage of the flooding streets for some kayaking practice!


Bad Idea From Start to Finish

Technically, this is one way to get into the lake... It's only useful if you were also planning on heading into the lake. I can see her thought process, though, and honestly, props to her for committing. 

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