Colleges Sent Grads Bags of Confetti Instead of Hosting a Ceremony

Unlike almost every year prior, college graduations have been different in 2020—in that most of the time, they aren't really happening.

COVID-19 has made sure that almost all gatherings for large events won't be happening, which is disappointing to many, including recent grads in search of a celebration. However, Minnesota State University has them covered.

Elliott Kunerth, a new graduate from MSU with a bachelor's degree in psychology, revealed on TikTok that the school had sent him a goodie bag which included a small bag of confetti.


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In the video, Kunerth tosses the confetti around him sadly.

"I thought it was pretty much the epitome of how 2020 is going," he said. "I definitely got a kick out of expecting a big celebration for my college graduation and instead receiving a bag of confetti to throw in the air while I'm at home in lockdown."

Regardless, people on TikTok were fairly amused by the bizarre gesture.

"I figured other college students who are also graduating during the pandemic would get a kick out of it," Kunerth said.

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