College Student Who Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury Tells Her Parents Something They'd Never Want to Hear

By 1 year ago

After a college student's family nursed her back to health from a traumatic brain injury, she told them something that broke their hearts. Laura Van Ryn was known for her altruistic nature, positive attitude, and nurturing demeanor. Her family nursed her back to health after a horrific car accident, but they weren't prepared for what she had to tell them once she could finally talk again...

Family Tragedy

Laura Van Ryn was traveling for a school event when a sleepy truck driver drove into their van. There were nine people on board and five of them died. The scene of the accident was one of the worst the police had ever seen in the county, but no one was anticipating just how much worse this situation would get, even months later...

Taylor University and the Community


Taylor University is a private Christian college that is known for their altruism and good deeds done in the community. People who go to this school know what they’re getting into. They want to get a good education as well as learn how to help their local community. Laura Van Ryn was one of those students. 

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