Cinnabon Now Offers Overnight Delivery

Sit back and relax, while the delectable goodness of Cinnabon comes to you.

That’s right—Cinnabon now delivers.

The “World Famous Cinnamon Rolls” can now be delivered right to your home through Cinnabon’s new online gift options delivered with free online shipping.

“The holiday season is our biggest season of the year and there’s nothing quite like the sensation of walking into a Cinnabon bakery during this time,” Cinnabon president Kristen Hartman, said in a press release. “Many of our fans want to share that experience with family and friends who may live across the country. We’re so excited to bring our Cinnabon gifting platform to life so our guests can share the Cinnabon bakery experience they love, as well as an irresistible and memorable gift this season.”

To place your order, head over to and choose between the three different gift sets. Prices for the set range from $39.99-$49.99 and each set comes with extra frosting. The best part is, overnight shipping for the gift set is free. What a steal!

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