There is No Way You've Seen These Extremely Rare Historical Photos Before

Some individuals will never know these little intricacies that have been lost to the past. However, it is our duty as modern citizens to acknowledge these missing moments and educate others. Here is a list of some extremely special moments from history that have rarely been seen, and even less frequently talked about...

Queenie the Waterskiing Elephant

Queenie was an African elephant who used to be forced to wear waterskis and get pulled out into flat water. She died of stress just 3 years into her career as a waterskier, but her custom skis inspired an entire era of dingy engineering. 


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The More You Know

  • Dentures used to be made from the teeth of dead soldiers.
  • Before alarm clocks were invented, knocker-uppers was a profession where he had to go and wake up by knocking on the doors of the townsman’s houses.
  • Captain Morgan Was An Actual Person Who Existed
  • A typing error of a single hyphen in the coding of the Mariner I rocket, caused it to blast before take off and cost NASA $630 million dollars.
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