TV Characters Who Vanished From Their Shows

Marissa Cooper, The O.C.

The O.C. was one of the most popular shows in the early 2000’s. Mischa Barton coined the phrase “It Girl,” and her character Marissa Cooper was the ultimate icon. However, she was killed off mid-show because she was allegedly a huge diva on set, and the pressures of early fame had gotten to her.


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The More You Know

  • The first public movie screening was held in 1895 in Paris.
  • Michael Myers’ mask in "Halloween" is William Shatner’s face.
  • Viggo Mortensen had no intention of working on The Lord of the Rings until his son begged him to do it.
  • The beer used while filming of the Hobbit was custom made by New Zealand brewers. It was a 1% dark stout called "Sobering Thought".
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