CGI Brought These Iconic Rockstars Back to Life

By 7 months ago

It's always hard on the music industry when a legend passes away. Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, and countless others have shocked fans over the years when they die an untimely death. Musicians of the present are no different.

One artist created CGI mock-ups of what some of the most iconic artists would look if they were still alive today, and some of them are pretty shocking...

Elvis, Four Months Before His Death

Elvis is one of the most timeless musicians to have ever lived. He was the pinnacle of 1950's rock and roll and had he been able to stay sober, he might have had an even more impressive influence over the music industry. Musicians still idolize The King today. 


What Elvis Would Look Like Today

Elvis could have aged pretty well. Did you know while he was still young he used shoe polish as hair dye? Fans will like to imagine he kept his full head of hair and that upper lip quiver all through his life, give or take a few extra wrinkles.

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