CGI Brought These Iconic Rockstars Back to Life

It's always hard on the music industry when a legend passes away. Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, and countless others have shocked fans over the years when they die an untimely death. Musicians of the present are no different.

One artist created CGI mock-ups of what some of the most iconic artists would look if they were still alive today, and some of them are pretty shocking...

Elvis, Four Months Before His Death

Elvis is one of the most timeless musicians to have ever lived. He was the pinnacle of 1950's rock and roll and had he been able to stay sober, he might have had an even more impressive influence over the music industry. Musicians still idolize The King today. 


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The More You Know

  • Alred Hitchcock’s Psycho was the first American film to show a toilet flushing.
  • The location of Tony Stark’s mansion in Iron Man is the same cliff from Planet of the Apes where the Statue of Liberty is sticking out from the sand.
  • The film rating system began in 1968
  • During the filming of the movie Titanic, an angry crew member put PCP in James Cameron’s soup, sending him and 50 others to the hospital.
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