Celebrities With Surprising Body Features That They Never Talk About

By 1 year ago

Everybody is different but so is every body. These celebrities all have an unusual feature that is unique to them. Maybe it's a genetic mutation or a scar they got in childhood, but none of these conditions are ordinary. Did you know about these strange traits?

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has a pretty weird pinky finger thanks to a childhood basketball accident. The actor was playing one day when a lunge for the ball resulted in falling onto his hand in an uncomfortable position. He never went to a doctor to have it checked out, and as a result, the injury never healed correctly. Now his finger looks like it's always broken!


Angelina Jolie

According to Angelina, her knees have always been a huge issue for her. She says that she's always thought of her knees as strange-looking and knobby. While this assessment isn't exactly a medical diagnosis, it's hard to say she's not onto something here. Since this premiere of Kung Fu Panda 3, she's come to terms with her wonky lower leg...

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