Celebrities Who Refused to Bare It All on Screen

Some people think that making it in showbusiness means saying “yes” to anything and everything—and that includes the possibility of having your birthday suit memorialized on screen. Surprisingly, some of the biggest names in Hollywood drew the line at nudity. Whether it’s a matter of comfort, faith, or personal values, these celebrities fought hard to keep it all on.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift isn’t someone you’ll never see nude on-screen, but that’s not exactly a surprise, given her branding. Although Swift’s songs have grown in maturity as she has gotten older, the 30-year-old artist said that she finds it easy to keep her clothes on “because I don’t really feel like taking them off.”


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The More You Know

  • Nestl√© supplied 1,850 bars of real chocolate for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Jon Bon Jovi's birth name is John Bongiovi Jr.
  • Peter Ostrum, Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, never acted in another movie after that and is now a veterinarian.
  • In 1978, Tim Allen was arrested for possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine and was sentenced to three to seven years in jail. He was let out on parole after two years and four months.
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