Hollywood's Biggest Stars And The Guards Who Protect Them

Naturally, Chung's attractiveness got him in a bit of trouble when Jenner had her daughter, Stormi. A lot of people were saying that Stormi resembled Chung more than she resembled her father, Travis Scott. Obviously, the rumors are not true but this definitely made things awkward! 


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The More You Know

  • At 10 years old and while still in elementary school, Warren Buffett started having lunch meetings with a New York Stock Exchange member. He bought his first stock at age 11. Today, he’s worth $80 billion.
  • Jack Black is the son of rocket scientists.
  • Denzel Washington's finger falls out of place from time to time.
  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer is best known as a TV sex therapist—but she’s also a trained sniper.
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