Celebrities That Served in the Military Before Their Big Break

Before they were stars, many of the world’s most celebrities started off in the military. Whether they were there for a few months or served a full career in the armed forces, these are some of the most famous faces you never knew had a history of service. Read on to find out which stars you never expected…

Walt Disney

In 1918, World War I took a young Walt Disney to battle at age sixteen after he forged the paperwork. He joined the Army and partook in the American Ambulance Corps, a Red Cross division. He served again in World War II as a propaganda cartoonist. The unit was known as Walt Disney Training Films Unit.


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The More You Know

  • A German and British aeroplane shot each other down in Norway during WWII. The crew met and helped each other survive. Two of them later visited each other many years after the war was over as friends.
  • Indonesia has the shortest population.
  • T-shirts were originally made for unmarried men who didn't know how to sew buttons on collared shirts.
  • The people who are currently alive are only 7% of the total number of people who have ever lived.
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