Campbell's Says Shelves Will Be Stocked For the Holidays

The biggest news story in rotation is about the supply chain shortages all around the world. Campbell's CEO Mark Clouse says that they anticipate shelves to stay stocked with their products. 

"You'll have all of your holiday favorites on the shelves ready to go. They've [teams on the front lines and plants and logistics and sales teams] worked hard to do it and, you know, I would say plan early, but I think we're in great shape going into the holidays," he said.

The Economic Research Service for the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicted the cost of food from grocery stores would rise 1-2% this year. 

"There's also been a significant amount of inflation that we've seen over the last several months," Clouse said. "We use every tool we've got to keep prices affordable. We know how important it is, especially for this time of year and through holiday celebrations so we've worked hard to keep the prices reasonable but there has been an increase in price."

Tons of families rely on Campbell's for their dishes. Clouse's advice?

"My advice is get online, get your recipes, figure out those ingredients you need for your dishes, get out early to the store and get them ready to go."

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