Cam Newton Responds to Young Boy Who Thought the Quarterback Sent Him a Christmas Gift

A six-year-old boy got the best surprise for Christmas, but not quite for the reason you think.

He was overwhelmed with excitement when he received a new jersey for Christmas, but the jersey itself wasn’t the only amazing part.

Robbie Rooks thought that Cam Newton himself sent him the jersey. Although this wasn’t the case, Robbie’s aunt decided to take matters into her own hands. She reached out to Twitter and asked for some retweets to get the Carolina quarterback’s attention.

In true Twitter-power fashion, the Carolina Panthers did end up seeing Aunt Jordan’s tweet. They saw Robbie’s enthusiasm for Cam and managed to make some magic happen. “Santa Cam” came to the rescue and decided to hook his young fan up with something special for the holiday season.

Robbie’s aunt was overcome with gratitude for the Panthers and their quarterback. She thanked them for sending Robbie the gift of a lifetime—an autographed Newton jersey!

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