California lawmaker, Phil Ting, Introduces New Bill with a Costumed Pal

Last week, California lawmaker, Phil Ting, got really into his pitch for a new bill.

Ting spruced up the pitch with a fellow government dressed up as a life-sized retail receipt.

Ting’s purpose? To ban retailers from handing out paper receipts unless specifically requested.

The measure, named Assembly Bill 161, proposes that it be required for stores to use electronic receipts as the default option. Should retailers disobey, they would be subject to fines.

Assemblyman Ting said, “There’s a negative impact on the environment with these receipts and the inability to recycle them.”

He thinks this bill is necessary because the majority of consumers aren’t aware that most receipts are coated with BPA and BPS chemicals that are harmful to both humans and animals, and are not recyclable.


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