California Is Requiring Pet Stores to Only Sell Rescue Animals

A California state law has gone in to place as of January 1, 2019, requiring all pet stores to get dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescue organizations rather than breeders.

California is the first state to implement these rules for pet stores.

All pet stores must maintain records for each animal and a sign must list the name of the shelter from which the animal was obtained. There will be a $500 fine for stores that violate the law.

Steve MacKinnon of the San Diego Humane Society said, “It takes the emphasis off the profit of animals and puts the emphasis back on caring for and getting these cats and dogs a good home.”

While the American Kennel Club believes this will reduce Californians access and ability to choose a pet from purebred regulated sources, but individuals still have the option of purchasing animals directly from breeders.

AB 485 will now be enforced statewide—a win for overcrowded shelters and rescues everywhere.

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