Caeleb Dressel Is Passing All of Michael Phelps’ World Records

Michael Phelps is known for his unreal feats in Olympic swimming, but before that, he made his mark in the world championships of swimming. He had long held a record of holding 7 medals, but recently 22-year-old Caeleb Dressel broke this record by taking home 8!

The Florida swimmer brought home six golds, assisted in grabbing silver in the 4×100 medley relay and swam a 49.28-second butterfly that took the U.S team from fourth to first. He also won in the 50 and 100 freestyle as well as the 50 and 100 butterflies.

Though he was pleased with the performance, Dressel says he’s ready to take it easy after the stressful meet. “Part of me wants to cry that I’m done with it,” said Dressel “I’ve got pimples on my face from just the stress of the meet. I’m probably losing some hair.”

Still, the American swimmer can rest easy knowing he gave the meet everything he has. “It was a very tough week,” said Dressel “I knew I was going to have to come with fire, passion, and pride in every single race.” You definitely did, Caeleb.

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