Cadillac Debuts First Electric Vehicle Design and Plans for an Electric Future

Cadillac just unveiled the brand’s first fully electric model, establishing the GM luxury brand as its electric-vehicle leader.

On Sunday night Cadillac showed a video of a crossover EV ahead of the Detroit auto show. Called the BEV3, the electric-car architecture will be designed in a way to accommodate multiple body styles as well as front, rear, or all-wheel drive options for buyers.

This debut is just the tip of the iceberg of Cadillac’s plans to reinvent itself. The luxury brand will lead GM’s electrification push.

GM has been slowly restructuring its leadership to prepare to a pivot to electric vehicles over the next four years, with plans for 20 new zero-emission vehicles by 2023.

“When you believe in an all-EV future, it’s going to be multiple brands,” CEO Mary Barra said.

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