Budweiser Sells New Nitro Beer, Smoother Than It's Other Lagers

By 1 year ago

After recently debuting the new Budweiser Reserve Black Lager with Jim Beam Bourbon in early fall, the brand is back in a big way with it's new Nitro Beer. The drink goes hand in hand with caramel notes and a 5% alcohol content, this smooth indulgence is sure to be a new fan favorite. Infused with nitrogen-gas, this beer actually tastes better when you shake it up, but don't try that with it's other drinks!

The drink is already available and isn't leaving anytime soon. The nitro-beer refers to a gas type used during the carbonation process. This means it contains about 30% carbon dioxide and 70% nitrogen. It also cannot be dissolved in water, making each sip feel thicker and smoother. The drink can be purchased in 12-ounce cans across the nation right now. 

Budweiser is not the first brand to hop on the nitrogen train. Many independent breweries sell similar drinks in stores. Breckenridge Brewery has a collection of nitro-beers to make any celebration feel a little more special. They even have an Irish stout that works for Saint Patrick's Day, as well as a Nitro Rasperberry Vanilla porter and a chocolate orange stout. Would you try this new innovation?


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