British Couple Reveal Disaster That Unfolded After Winning the Lottery

By 2 years ago

A working-class family of four in West Yorkshire, London, hit it big recently when they won the lottery. They led pretty normal lives, Roger was an IT tech and his wife, Lara, was a teacher. While they weren’t exactly rich, they made a decent living and were able to provide for their two children.

But when they hit the lottery, recently, they got way more than they bargained for…

Very Lucky

Roger and Lara weren’t big risk takers. They never gambled and tried to save for their children’s futures as much as possible. Their one guilty pleasure, though, was playing the lotto. Roger would purchase one ticket each day for one pound. Then, one day, his ticket was announced as the winner. They were in shock…

They had just won £1.8 million!

Playing the Odds


Against all odds, they had done it, they had won the jackpot! The first thing they did? Popped a bottle of cheap champagne and ordered some Indian. They began to plan what they would do with the money…

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