Bride Asks Sister Not to Attend Her Wedding for an Unbelievable Reason

By 2 years ago

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred vow witnessed by your most treasured friends and family—so why did this bride stop her sister from making an appearance on her special day?

Emotionally Charged

Wedding planners see the best and worst of humanity. They interact with families on the brink of a mental breakdown, bridezillas who need their day to run smoothly without a hitch, and stressed-out grooms just now realizing that they’re in this for the long haul. But one bride took the wedding cake for the reprehensible behavior she displayed…


Sisters For Life

Christine and Toni were inseparable since birth. They grew up together in the small Connecticut town of Trumbull with two loving parents who only wanted the best for their little girls. Both sisters aspired to one day have a tight-knit family like their own. For Christine, she knew her wedding day would be the most important event in her life.

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