Flight Attendant Became a Hero When She Noticed Something Strange About a Passenger Right After Takeoff

An Important Profession

The profession of a flight attendant may seem menial and many don’t realize just how important it is. Yes, they grab you pillows and food, but what they also do is report anything bizarre and unusual that could save lives. Sheila was one of those workers who just had an incredible intuition…


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The More You Know

  • Glaciers and ice sheets hold about 69 percent of the world's freshwater.
  • The speed of a computer mouse is measured in "Mickeys."
  • The voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married in real life.
  • Warren Buffett has only sent one email in his life. It was sent to Jeff Raikes of Microsoft, and Buffett said it became his first and last email when it ended up in court.
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