Bone Broth Strengthens Your Body—And It's Cheap, Too

For years, bone broth has been touted by health and wellness gurus everywhere—but it's no gimmick.

This collagen-rich broth is produced by boiling bones to extract the gelatin and marrow within them. The liquid provides an array of nutrients, some of which are uncommon in other foods, such as glutamine and collagen.

According to Healthline, animal bones are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals that help to support and strengthen our bones. But is bone broth the same as stock?

Unless broth or stock has the same ingredients as bone broth, then it's just water flavored by various aromatics. The nutrition facts should state something like beef knuckles or chicken carcass right at the top. Aromatics and vegetable oils don't actually offer the same nutrients as vegetables.

Bone broth helps to promote gut and digestive health; supports joint mobility, skin, hair, teeth, and nails; and even assists with your sleep. There are plenty of other benefits, including an improved immune system and speedier muscle recovery.

If you don't want to spend between $8 and $10 on a quart of bone broth, you can make it at home. Ask your local butcher if there are any bones they would consider selling at a low price, or use your own leftovers from in-bone meats.

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