Bizarre Secret Room In Basement Brings Unwanted Attention To New Homeowner

When a young man bought his first home, he was ecstatic. What he didn’t know is that this would end up creating a viral internet post, and then leading to some scary in-person antics that made him question if what he found was really worth finding after all…

First-Time House Owner

An imgur user named Jerry posted to the site his incredible story of moving into his new home. In 2015, Jerry moved into a home where the previous owner passed away. It was sold as-is and desperately needed a makeover. As a first-time home buyer, this place was the perfect fit for Jerry. The secrets that were in that home were just waiting to be released…


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The More You Know

  • On Mars, sunsets are blue.
  • More than 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea.
  • After Hitler ordered the deportation of Denmark's Jewish population, Danish citizens organized a massive evacuation of the Jews to neutral Sweden, despite the risks. In the end, 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust.
  • The average golf ball has 336 dimples.
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