Bizarre Archaeological Finds That Still Baffle Scientists Today

By 1 year ago

Archaeologists have one of the most difficult yet important jobs on Earth. Their discoveries have changed the course of history, how we view humans of the past, and how we live today as a society. However, not all these discoveries have been positive. Humans are notoriously harsh to their enemies, which has been the case for thousands of years...

The Voynich Manuscript

This strange book is one of the world's greatest mysteries. Nobody knows how to decipher this book, which is dated 1400—long after standardized language was established. Evidently, scientists think that this book is an old manuscript depicting the beginning of "holy sex education." However, since it is technically indecipherable, no one will ever truly know.  



The Stones of Saksaywaman are dated all the way back to 1100 AD. Found in Peru, these stones are so insanely structurally sound that not even a single piece of paper can fit in between them. Each one of these stones was hand carved with the mastery of a modern craftsman. Strangely enough, no modern tools were used to construct this structure, despite its near perfection. 

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