Beyond Meat Puts 'Beyond Pork' on the Chinese Market

Los Angeles-based Beyond Meat will be expanding into the People's Republic of China.

"Beyond Pork" will roll-out on the Chinese market starting this upcoming week, when five popular Shanghai restaurants will be offering the meat substitute in ground pork dishes.

Beyond Pork is "designed to deliver the sumptuous taste, juicy texture and culinary versatility similar to traditional minced pork," Beyond Meat said in a statement.

Beyond Pork was created specifically to serve the Chinese market. It marks a significant occasion for Beyond Meat. The brand is committed to meeting consumer demand for sustainable, nutritious protein without contributing to the meat industry.

"We're excited to launch Beyond Pork in China, marking a milestone for Beyond Meat as we are not only launching an entirely new product innovation but our first plant-based meat product created specifically for the Chinese market," said Candy Chan, the general manager for Beyond Meat in China.

Beyond Meat's statement said that minced pork is the star of many Chinese dishes, making China the ideal market for Beyond Pork to be utilized to its full potential. Beyond Pork features about 50% less saturated fat than actual pork. The alternative is made from simple plant-based ingredients like rice and soybeans.

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