Beware: The Largest, Most Massive Animals on the Planet

By 2 years ago

First, there were the dinosaurs. The largest creature to ever roam our planet. But, since their extinction, many other enormous animals have walked this earth.

The animals and insects on this list are the largest of their kinds. While some are anomalies, born larger than their typical species, some are just always this HUGE. Warning: this might make you think twice about your next outdoor excursion…

English Bull

Field Marshall, a bull from England, weighed almost 2 tons. In 2009, the bull was 8 years old, and his 80-year-old owner claimed he was healthy and thought he would only get larger.


Percheron Stallion

Windermere’s North American Maid, (yes, that’s his name) is one enormous horse. He’s 19 hands tall and his owners say he is the complete package of size and style. He’s a draft horse and a Percheron supreme world champion.

Titan Longhorn Beetle

These huge beetles live in the rainforests of South America. They are the largest beetles in the world, measuring around 6.6 inches and pinchers that can crush a pencil in half.

Wouldn’t you hate to run into one of these hiding under your fridge?

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