Best TV Episodes of All-Time, Ranked

#59. South Park- Scott Tenorman Must Die

A ninth grade bully named Scott Tenorman plays a trick on Cartman when he sells him his pubic hairs. Cartman spends the rest of the episode exacting his diabolical revenge on Scott, a character loosely based on Scut Farkus, the yellow-eyed bully from the 1983 movie "A Christmas Story." The band Radiohead also makes a guest appearance. The IMDb rating is 9.6. The Air date was July 11, 2001.


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The More You Know

  • Ken Jennings is the biggest game show winner
  • TV shows have risen in popularity over the years. The average American spends three hours a day watching TV. The advent of streaming services has given rise to a new phenomenon: binge watching.
  • Disney is responsible for the rise of color TV
  • Cable TV has existed since 1948
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