Ben & Jerry's Most Popular Flavors Go Gluten Free

Gluten intolerances mean that the craving for something sweet and sugary can't always be safely met. You'd be surprised by how many things contain gluten—even chocolate isn't always gluten-free! Thankfully, Ben & Jerry's has heard the pleas of their gluten-free customers, and the company is acting accordingly.

Ten of Ben & Jerry's most popular flavors will soon come in a gluten-free version. Cherry Garcia (a beloved Ben & Jerry's classic) was the first flavor to receive the certification. The other products that will soon bear a gluten-free stamp of their own: Cherry Garcia Non-Dairy; Cherry Garcia FroYo; Cherry Garcia mini-cups; Phish Food; Chunky Monkey; Vanilla Caramel Fudge; Karamel Sutra; New York Super Fudge Chunk; Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!; Vanilla; and Pistachio, Pistachio.

"We're glad we can now offer some flavor joy to even more people, including those who have to be very careful with their diet," said Joly Eley, the innovation manager of Ben & Jerry's. "This certification can give them a little peace of mind."

If you've always been eating Ben & Jerry's under the assumption that they are gluten-free, not to worry—the flavors are the exact same.

"We didn't make any changes to the recipes. They're the same scoops of wonderful that they've always been," Eley explained. "These flavors have always been gluten-free, but now we have the resources to do the rigorous testing required for certification."

Gluten-free ice cream-lovers everywhere are rejoicing.

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