Believe It Or Not, These Aren't Actually Design Flaws

By 1 year ago

From toothpaste tubes to Bobby pins, these household items actually have built-in hacks to make your life easier. Better late than never to learn them, so next time you're doing your hair or brushing your teeth, keep these tricks in mind...

The Fifth Pocket In Your Jeans

Ever wonder what that fifth pocket in your jeans is for? That really small one that can only fit a few coins or a lipgloss? Well, jeans were actually made especially for coal miners because of the tough material, and that pocket is for holding their expensive pocket watches. 


Ridges on the Edges of Coins

Dimes and quarters have rough edges while pennies and nickels have smooth edges. Ever wonder why? Back when currency was in the form of coins only, the money was stamped with the weight and value of its particular metal. Eventually, people learned how to shave off parts of the coin and still spend them at a fraction of the value, so then paper currency was created.

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