Before the Decade Ends, Here Are the Best Novels of the 21st Century

By 1 year ago

The Outline Trilogy by Rachel Cusk (2014–2018)

Cusk’s trilogy featuring titles Outline, Transit, and Kudos, is a series of largely plotless books centering around a protagonist named Faye, a British writer about whom the reader learns almost nothing. Despite this, Faye manages to coerce magnificent stories and confessions from those around her. The Outline trilogy is about the profundity of human experience.


The Idiot by Elif Batuman (2017)

A semi-autobiographical recounting of the author’s own experience, Elif Batuman’s second book follows a Turkish college freshman at Harvard in the 1990s, Selin, as she finds herself falling for someone through the brand new medium of email. However, her fearful counterpart is reluctant to bring their fantasies to life.

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