Beagle Adopts Baby Possum After Losing Her Litter of Pups

Molly the beagle wasn’t having the best month.

After losing her litter of puppies at birth, she was quite sad, that is until she found herself with a new purpose.

Just days after her pups passed, Molly made a new friend. A baby possum jumped on the dog’s back and made herself at home.

This unlikely pair share a special bond—Molly had lost her pups and Poss (as the family has now dubbed her) was abandoned by her mother.

“They’re an unlikely pair, and I think that possum thought Mol was her mother and vice versa,” Molly’s owner said.

Poss hitches a ride on Molly’s back to get around the large cattle property. Molly is quite happy now with her new adopted baby.

While Poss is nocturnal and sleeps during the day up in a tree on the property, Molly sits under the tree and waits for her. While it’s unknown how long Poss will stick around, this duo is a sight for sore eyes, and so, the family is not kicking Poss out anytime soon.

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