Bakery Makes 'Quarantine Cakes' During COVID-19

Several small businesses are taking a hard hit during the financial crisis caused by COVID-19 spreading, but this has also created some creative solutions. One San Francisco bakery known as "Butter &" has started a line of quarantine cakes. They are delivered to the doors of people taking responsibility and staying inside. 

The cakes come with a collection of fun, coronavirus reminders spelled out on top. Some options include "Wash your hands", "Don't touch your face", "Clean and disinfect", "Pretend you're an introvert" and "Don't hoard facemasks." Each cake will cost the customer around $50. Flavors include hazelnut and chocolate, pistachio and rose, and salted caramel and chocolate.

"Our usual cakes serve eight or more people, so we had to do something smaller for one to two people. We also wanted to help educate people about how to slow the virus," said the owner, Amanda Nguyen. The business took a huge hit earlier in the week, down 65%, so these cakes help them stay afloat. 

Despite the hard times, Amanda is glad the things are looking up for her and her employees. "Our quarantine cakes are putting a little humanity back into the picture, with a lot of people sending them to their loved ones as a gift," she said in a statement. "In times of social isolation and fear, it's human connection, acts of love, and comfort food that will get us through it. And listening to what the CDC says."

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