Babybel Cheese is Going Plant-Based

Everybody loves that little bit of cheese that you can pop into your mouth. Folks who are lactose intolerant or on a plant-based diet haven't been able to enjoy that feeling for quite some time, but the wait is finally over.

Babybel Cheese is introducing their first plant-based cheese line of the classic wax-covered snack.

"This vegan snack has a good source of calcium and vitamin B12, and of course, loads of goodness," the company said. "It’s certified plant-based, and with smooth texture similar to mozzarella, it has all the deliciousness of real cheese, without the dairy," 

The new cheese will come in a green wax cover as opposed to the original (and iconic) red covering.

Babybel introduced the plant-based and lactose-free product in the United Kingdom and was met with rave reviews. Now, the cheese alternative will become available in all major retailers in March.

Let's hope the "cheese" holds up to our expectations!


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