Autistic Boy Gets a Patriotic Present From Kindhearted Neighbor

Finn Day is 6 years old, and he loves the American flags that line the streets in West Hartford, Connecticut. Finn was diagnosed with Autism and Down syndrome, so his family revels in anything that brings their son joy. There was one flag in particular that made him extra happy.

In Todd Disque’s yard, there was a particularly impressive flag on a large oak tree. Finn loved to walk outside and sit, staring at the massive patriotic banner waving in the wind. Todd noticed this one day and wanted to do something special.

Disque handmade a small bench for the boy in his workshop. On the base of it, he inscribed Finn’s name. He left it out in his front yard for the boy to find the next time he came to stare at the flag. He was ecstatic!

Maybe most excited was Finn’s mother. “It’s such a small gesture, but things like this really restore your faith in humanity,” said the emotional mother “Like, there’s still good people out there that want to do kind things for no other reason than just to be kind.”

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