Oldest Message In A Bottle To Date Found In Australia

By 2 years ago

Sending a message in a bottle is always a risky thing to do. The excitement about thinking whether or not you will get a response, and just how far that response will come from, is enough to provoke people into dropping letters into the ocean. More often than not, they go unanswered, but for these lucky people, they were in for a surprise years after sending their messages out to sea…

A Classic Scene

You know those classic, heartbreaking scenes: someone stranded on an island, or desperate to send a message to a lost love, scratches a hasty note in a bottle, corks it, and tosses it into the ocean, never to be seen again…


Out Of A Movie

It makes it hard to believe that finding messages in bottles is something that happens in real life, until one boy stumbled across something unbelievable on the shores of Australia…

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