Arizona Woman Writes 'Love Letters' to First Responders

Four years ago, Natalie Reilly and her mother started writing love letters of appreciation to first responders. 

While her mother has since passed away, Natalie has kept up with the efforts behind Nothing But Love Notes, an organization devoted to writing cards to firefighters and police officers. 

Over the last four years, Reilly has written over 20,000 cards, but that wasn't the only thing she gained from the organization...

This personal project actually led her to find a love of her own. A retired police officer who had received one of her letters is now ina relationship with Reilly, something she never expected to find from this project.

“Somewhere along the way I lost my mother, my best friend, and biggest cheerleader, but I gained something I never would have expected … an entire community of amazing people who support me, our mission, and our nation’s heroes!” wrote Reilly.

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