Arizona Man Purchases Home And Discovers An Underground Hatch In Backyard

Jon Sims was looking to move into a new home after being in his current one for quite some time. After talking with friends, he realized his one good friend was selling their house and if he wanted it, he had first look at it. So Jon checks the condition of the house and it’s everything he’s looking for, so he buys it from his pal. Jon has heard rumors about there being an underground “bunker” on the property for years so after enough research and hard work, what he finds is nothing short of amazing.


Moved In

Jon Sims moved into what was once his friend’s home, and he wanted to debunk the rumors going around that there is an underground bunker on his property.



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The More You Know

  • A species of squid has been observed to leap from the ocean by using pressurized water jets to achieve flight, going as far as 98 feet!
  • The fastest gust of wind ever recorded on Earth was 253 miles per hour.
  • J is the only letter that doesn’t appear on the periodic table.
  • The word "muscle" comes from a Latin term meaning "little mouse."
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