Are You Ready to Scream? These Are the Scariest Movies of All Time

Strap into your favorite panic chair, and try not to get tears on the popcorn. These are the most horrifying films ever made...

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski of The Office stars in and directed this creative thriller masterpiece back in 2018. The story follows a family trying to survive through an apocalyptic event where monsters who are triggered by sound slaughter human beings. They need to stay quiet, even when giving birth or getting injured.


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The More You Know

  • Pigs can eat an entire human body, mostly because they’ll just eat anything.
  • The golden poison frog has enough poison to kill 10 to 15 people.
  • People used hollowed human skulls as bowls and cups back in ancient England.
  • Your cellphone has 10 times more bacteria on it than the average public restroom
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