An Exquisite Rainbow River Exists in Colombia

Now here’s a location to add to the travel bucket list.

Caño Cristales is a real river in Colombia that is constantly changing colors. It’s so incredible that people have now dubbed it the Rainbow River.

The river changes colors so frequently because of a plant called Macarenia Clavigera. The color of the plant is based on the light and water conditions of the river. So while the river beautiful coloring is due to the plant, the plant relies on the river to decide its colorful fate.

Talk about an impressive ecosystem.

This breathtaking sight is a popular tourist spot for those visiting Colombia. The river changes in color from green, to orange and red, to even yellow and blue tones.

While visiting Colombia has been a bit of a risk with the guerrilla warfare occurring in the country, the violence has subsided a bit, and now Colombian officials have now deemed it a safe place to visit.

Don’t forget your camera!

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