An Edible Holiday Flavored Candle Has Hit the Market

There’s nothing quite like a seasonal holiday candle to set the mood in your home during this festive time of year. Around Christmastime, candles tend to be sugar cookie, peppermint, and gingerbread scented, to name a few, which oftentimes lead to a sweet tooth moment, leaving you craving something tasty.

While this might seem like an annoyance, if you’re burning a Smight & Sinclair Flaming Hot Choc candle, you’ve got yourself a two for one deal. This candle is, in fact, edible!

Smith & Sinclair have introduced the world’s first edible candle. Made from coconut oil and raw cocoa butter, Flaming Hot Choc candles can be eaten, and they’re even vegan.

The candles also come in spiced orange and candy cane peppermint scents… or are they flavors? Tough to say.

When the wax burns, turning it to liquid, you can pour some of the melted candle wax into a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate to give is an added orange or peppermint flavor. The Smith & Sinclair candles retail for $19 on their website and are available to be shipped internationally.

So, go ahead, eat your candle if your heart so desires.

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