An Apple Watch Is Responsible For Catching This Boyfriend In a Major Betrayal

By 1 year ago

Chris and Breanne seemed to be the perfect couple. All of their friends were envious of their easygoing relationship and how well they got along. They were right, up until one awkward holiday visit to Chris's parents that turned everything upside down...

A Perfect Fit

The holidays marked Chris and Breanne's two-year anniversary, and Breanne always made sure to plan something special. She loved giving people gifts and putting a smile on their faces. To Breanne, there was nothing better than planning the perfect surprise. This year, Breanne had something special in mind that she and Chris could do together...


A Love For Travel

Every time Breanne hinted at what an awesome Christmas they were going to have, Chris hoped that meant she was planning a trip. They'd already been on a few vacations together, so it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. What Breanne had in mind wasn't exactly that extravagant, but was still something she was sure he'd love...

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