Amazing Inventions That Will Change Your Life

By 2 years ago

Sometimes ideas that sound great in your head don’t always hit the mark, while other crazy ideas really hit a home run. But other times, you see a small issue or inconvenience and wonder why no one has found a better solution.

Look no further, however, because we’ve assembled the ultimate list of “Why didn’t I think of that?” inventions sure to blow your mind.

Which one do you like best?

Traffic Light Upgrade

If you’ve ever been at a traffic light and thought to yourself, “I feel like I’ve been sitting here forever!” that intersection could probably use a light like this one. This new traffic light counts down until it’s ‘go time.’

Perfect Slice

With this handy invention, you can hold the onion while you slice it without ever having to touch it. Forget the mess and the difficulty of cutting something round on a flat cutting board—the future is here.

Stroller X Scooter

Parent or not, a walk, or rather, a scoot, on this thing looks like a lot of fun. Now you and baby can cruise through the neighborhood in style. How much fun would this be?

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