Amateur Treasure Hunters Discover Infamous Stolen Room Worth Over $500 Million

By 1 year ago

These three treasure hunters got in a little over their heads when the discovered treasure worth over $500 million. The only thing they have left to do is claim it.

Room of Amber

The fabled “Amber Room” has been missing since WWII. Nobody knows when it was last visited exactly, but it is rumored that it was either dismantled or lost sometime during the mid-1900s. It was theorized that even if the room still existed, it would be in shambles or entirely destroyed by now. However, new research suggests that the Amber Room might still stand after all these years... 

A Bold Gift


This room was created by German craftsmen as a gift to the Russian king at the time. The room existed in a palace near Berlin, and only royalty was allowed to view the space while it was being constructed. The Amber Room was strictly supposed to be an example of the royal family’s wealth and success, but they came up with some other wild ideas several years after the construction began…

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